Resources for Founders Raising Capital

Here is a list of great resources to help you learn about the world of VCs and raising funding.

Fundraising Basics

Smart Company's Complete Guide to Startup Capital
Stone & Chalk's Capital Raising Guide for Startups
What You Should Know About Early-Stage Venture Capital
Intro to Finance for Founders by
VC Alternative Funding Options by
The Startup Playbook Podcast - Dan Gavel (Black Sheep Capital)
Innovation Bay - Pitch Deck Masterclass (Sam Wong, Blackbird Ventures)
Startup Victoria - Pre-Revenue Valuation
Luna's Startup Incentives & Grants Directory
Rafael Kimberley-Bowen's Crowdfunding in Australia Guide

Fundraising Advanced

Airtree's Open Source VC
Venture Debt: A Legal Guide for Founders by LegalVision
Venture debt, what is it and is it right for you?
Cake Equity's Blog
Birchal's Crowd Sourced Funding in Australia FY20 Report

Useful Funding Data

Australian Fundraising Analysis for Founders by Warwick
Victorian Startup Ecosystem Mapping by LaunchVic

Other Fundraising Websites

LaunchVic's Victorian Startup Ecosystem Tool
Startup Galaxy
Sunday Founders on Diversity
Grant Guru

Investment Notes

A peak inside VC investment decisions

Square Peg
Black Sheep Capital
Full Circle Venture Capital

VC & Fundraising Podcasts

The Twenty Minute VC
Open the Pod Bay Doors by Innovation Bay
Launch & Scale (Crowdfunding)
The Startup Playbook
Wild Hearts by Blackbird
Founder Stories by Square Peg
The VC Land Podcast
How I Raised It Podcast

Startup Ecosystem Directories

Cheryl Mack's List of Startup Resources
Garry Visontay's (Right Click Capital) List of Startup Resources
Y Combinator's Resource Library

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